Black abortions reduce crime joke Ferguson officials said DOJ

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Without getting into the politics of the Ferguson police shooting case, the Justice Department has unveiled some disturbing e-mails from the Ferguson city officials linking black abortions to a reduction in crime.

Ferguson DOJ Investigation

This week, the Justice Department announced the findings of its two civil rights investigations related to Ferguson, Missouri, today. The Justice Department found that the Ferguson Police Department (FPD) engaged in a pattern or practice of conduct that violates the First, Fourth, and 14th Amendments of the Constitution. The Justice Department also announced that the evidence examined in its independent, federal investigation into the fatal shooting of Michael Brown does not support federal civil rights charges against Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson.

They DOJ wrote this about the stereotype of Black abortions reducing crime:

Our investigation has revealed that these disparities occur, at least in part, because of unlawful bias against and stereotypes about African Americans. We…

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Harvesting Aborted Organs for Human Transplant

Posted at Culture News:

While organ transplantations have more than doubled in the past 20 years, and available organ donations have increased at an even greater rate, the number of patients on waiting lists has more than quintupled. Now a new company is publishing research with a solution to the organ shortage: grow aborted fetus organs in living animals for eventual transplantation to humans.

“If the [fetal] organs are available, it is better to use them to save somebody’s life rather than throw them into the trash bin.”
— Eugene Gu, CEO of Ganogen, Inc., Redwood City, CA

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What did the early Christians say about abortion?

By Dr. R. Scott Clark – The Heidelblog:

God’s Holy Law (10): You Shall Not Murder (pt 2)

Heidelcast--600x600After the last episode it occurred to me that there is an obvious question that I should have addressed under the 6th commandment: abortion, the termination of a human life in the womb. Since 1973 no fewer than 50 million human beings have lost their lives due to abortion. That’s not an exaggerated number. Even Politifact agrees. 50 million, that’s more than the population of CA, WY, NE, KS combined. Imagine four American states utterly vacant. Since 1973 Americans have killed as many people as were killed during World War II. It is a widespread practice. It is legal but is it right? Is it murder, a violation of the 6th commandment, a violation of the moral law? Sometimes, when concerns are expressed about abortion, it’s made to seem as if it’s some fundamentalist crusade or fascist operation to squash freedom but one need not be a fundamentalist Christian to oppose abortion. Throughout human history even pagans have made it illegal.  Further, though Scripture does not address abortion expressly, at least not undoubtedly, there is Scriptural teaching about the value of human life and the protections due to humans as image bearers. In this episode we’ll consider historic Christian teaching and some of the reasons people use to justify abortion.

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Recruiting teens to push Planned Parenthood

Angela Wittman:

WARNING: This contains bad language and perverse information. Not for young readers! – ed.

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S.T.A.R.S. peer education group is a program of Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood.

STARS Planned Parenthood Upper Hudson

S.T.A.R.S. stands for Seriously Talking About Responsible Sex. Each summer, new groups of high school students from Albany are recruited by UHPP staff and trained by them to act as peer educators for the S.T.A.R.S. program.

Take a look at some of what they learn:

In this video presentation, a young man gets ready for a sexual encounter with a young woman, when he is transformed to Planned Parenthood’s STARS program where “peer educators will teach you how to properly use contraceptives.”

PP STars Vid 2

There he is doused in condoms and told about STI’s.



This video (below) – promoting bestiality was “liked” by Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood S.T.A.R.S YouTube’s page, where a young man sings about F-ing a cat.

Beastiality PP

In a video which describes the Program, it says that kids will learn about the Teen clinic where they…

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Same-sex parents: ‘possible,’ not ‘moral’

By David Roach – Posted at Baptist Press:

BPLogoNASHVILLE (BP) — Same-sex couples could soon have their own biological children by utilizing a reproductive technology being developed by researchers at Cambridge University and Israel’s Weizmann Institute of Science. But Christian bioethicists have classified the potential new technology as rife with moral problems.

Exuberance over such technologies is “all expressed in terms of what the adults want and desire,” Paige Cunningham, executive director of the Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity, told Baptist Press. “I would like someone to say, ‘What about the children?’ They don’t have any voice in how they are constructed. They don’t have any voice in how they are the subject of an experiment like this.”

The Cambridge and Weizmann Institute researchers have discovered how to take skin cells from an adult, transform them into what are known as induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) and then develop those iPS cells into the precursors of human eggs and sperm, various news sources have reported. The production of iPS cells is not new, but their potential development into eggs and sperm is.

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What’s Wrong with Susan G. Komen?

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It’s clear that Susan G. Komen season is already upon us even though GS Cookie season seems to still be enforce.  So what’s the big deal with Susan G. Komen?  A quick glance at the 2013-2014 Komen Idaho Grantees shows exactly why anyone concerned about the sanctity of human life should avoid Komen.

While Komen-Planned-Parenthood-logosSusan G. Komen Idaho’s mission statement is, “Fight Breast Cancer in Idaho” at least a portion of their funds are given to family planning clinics who do not even perform mammograms.  Most notably among them is Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest.  This is justified because they state, “providing a voucher for mammogram screening services…seen in Family Planning Clinic…”  Planned Parenthood states, “…directly connect them to screening, mammography via free vouchers…”  They go on to say, “…We will hold five screening dates and two education sessions…”  So in short, Planned Parenthood aborts…

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Boycotting works, along with prayer and persistence. This regional killing center is strategically centered in the heart of New Orleans to draw ‘customers’ from ‘local’ abortion facilities and Mississippi, which has just one abortion facility located in Jackson. This is a business move, not a bloated mission to serve the underserved. This will be a multi-million dollar BABY KILLING BUSINESS.

Don’t believe the Planned Parenthood LIE: There are HUNDREDS of health centers and life-minded family centers who serve women and their families all over the state of Louisiana.


UPDATE [2/27/2015]: From Louisiana Coalition for LIFE regarding the proposed Planned Parenthood mega-killing center in the heart of New Orleans:

“This is an urgent update.  Planned Parenthood and their General Contractor, Barre McNeely, have resumed work on the Claiborne Avenue abortion facility in New Orleans.  Several businesses have been identified as participating in this project and we…

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The Secret Shame of Abortion in the Church

By Julie Roys – Posted at Christianity Today:

Open Bible on a Church PewWhen Jackie sent an email to her church asking about its post-abortion recovery group, she used an alias and created a new account to hide her identity. Even now, 11 years after her abortion, and after sharing her story to dozens of other women, Jackie asked me not to use her real name. She still hasn’t told her daughter or many people at church that she’s had an abortion. “It’s just such a shameful secret,” she said.

Abortion is difficult for almost any post-abortive woman to discuss. Pro-choice activists attribute this reluctance to a pervasive stigma that stems from society’s “shame-based message that abortion is wrong.” They try to remove this shame by defending abortion, saying unborn babies are not persons or convincing women that abortion actually did them, or society, a favor.

However, in the church, we face the challenge of upholding the sanctity of life, while simultaneously ministering to women who feel overwhelming shame about their abortions. Our response is not to deny the sin and death inherent in abortion. Instead, we point women to the healing found in a community centered around the One who redeems us from all sin.

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Freeze your eggs, free your career?

By Kristen Clark – Posted at

sleeping child in high key“Freeze your eggs, free your career.” That was the eye catching title on the front page of a recent Bloomberg Businessweek magazine. The subtitle read, “A new fertility procedure gives women more choices in the quest to have it all.” My interest was sparked.

I opened the magazine to scan over this intriguing cover story. “Later, Baby” was the title on the inside. “Egg freezing technology is helping women kiss the mommy track goodbye.” As I flipped through the next three pages, I read several stories of women who had decided to take the egg freezing route and their reasons for doing so.

“I just wanted to take the pressure off,” Suzanne, age 37, said. “Men don’t have a biological clock, and I felt like this leveled the playing field a bit.” Bridget, age 39, stated, “Freezing my eggs brought me time and the possibility to have a child in the future. It’s not a sure thing, but a gamble I am willing to take.”

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Missouri House approves annual inspection of abortion clinic

By MARIE FRENCH, Associated Press – Posted at News Tribune:

1280px-AP_of_Missouri_State_Capitol_BuildingJEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Missouri’s only abortion clinic would be subject to an annual inspection by the state’s health department under a bill advanced Wednesday by Missouri’s Republican-led House.

The bill would require ambulatory surgical centers performing any second- or third-trimester abortion, or five or more first-trimester abortions, to be inspected by the state Department of Health and Senior Services. That would apply to only one location in Missouri— a clinic operated by Planned Parenthood in St. Louis.

The measure, which passed 119-35, now goes to the Senate for consideration.

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