Here are some reasons I won’t support the 20-week abortion ban.


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By Darlene Pawlik – Posted at Darling Princess:

The 114th Congress has made the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act one of its legislative center pieces.  Rep. Trent Franks’ House Resolution HR36 is a ruse to lull the proLife community into believing that national pro-life organizations are effective and bolster Republicans for the next election.

Even if both houses of Congress were to pass the HR36, President Obama is already on record stating that he will veto this type of bill.

HR36 is so morally and logically flawed.

There is good cause to oppose HR36:

first: The bill makes pro-lifers complicit with the heinous act of abortion.

One section of the bill is titled “requirements for abortion.”  In that section, the bill clearly delineates the perimeters and the circumstances in which the legal murder of preborn children is permissible. Not only does it codify the intentional, legal murder of babies before 20 weeks gestation, but also proscribes the murder of older, innocent children, if their father is a criminal.

To postulate the moral compunction involved here, consider that, if we substituted the word abortion with the similar crime of spousal murder.  No matter how bad the circumstances were, can you imagine advocating a bill that contained a section entitled “requirements for spousal murder”?

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