When it comes to sanctity of life, Bible must be authority

By Rev. Keith Nash – The Daily Republic

I read with interest the “In Other Words” letter by Rev. Kristi McLaughlin in the July 31 issue of The Daily Republic. I consider myself to be a pro-life advocate, and it troubled me that Rev. McLaughlin was trying to define me and my pro-life position. She describes pro-lifers as being more “against abortion” and not as much pro-life. She went on to say that to be really pro-life one must, in short, be a person who believes in big-government socialism. I would prefer to define myself and my position.

My worldview is where my pro-life position derives from. My worldview is defined by the Bible. While it might be more convenient to generalize or cherry-pick what I like or don’t want to believe, I am stuck with what the Bible says in its entirety…

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