Botched late term abortion by California clinic lands woman in hospital

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The OC Weekly has reported that a woman who was under arrest was taken for late term abortion at the Family Planning Associates Medical Group (FPA) abortion clinic in Long Beach. Following her visit to FPA for the 20 week abortion the prisoner suffered an incomplete abortion and had to be hospitalized. The botched procedure was performed in 2012 but is only coming to light after the Orange County District Attorney’s Office published their investigative report on the death of the fetus.

FPA Long Beach

From the story:

On March 13, 2012, Huntington Beach police arrested a woman identified in the report as “Lauren” for possession of a controlled substance. Because of a parole hold, authorities booked her into the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) Women’s Main Jail. Lauren told staff there that she was 16 weeks pregnant and that both she and her boyfriend had agreed on aborting it when the relationship…

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Pro-Life Nurse Files Lawsuit Over Job Denial

Posted at the Inquisitr:

Hospital forces nurses to participate in abortionsA Florida pro-life nurse maintains a health center refused to hire her because she is pro-life. Sara Hellwege has filed a lawsuit over the employer’s decision to end the interview process after reportedly discovering Helwege’s religious views about certain types of birth control and membership in a pro-life organization.

Sara Hellwege was seeking a position as a nurse-midwife at the Tampa Family Health Centers earlier this year. When clinic officials involved in the interview process allegedly asked the Florida nurse about her membership in the American Association of Pro-life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, her eligibility to meet the job description was allegedly called into question. The pro-life medical professional’s group opposes abortion.

Conservative legal group, the Alliance Defending Freedom, is representing nurse Hellwege. The pro-life nurse maintains the decision to reject her for the position based upon her abortion stance and group membership was illegal under state and federal law.

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Pro-life attempts at the Human Life Amendment

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For those who do not know the history of the pro-life movement, they may think that there was always an incremental strategy.

This is not true- in fact – from the beginning the pro-life movement has supported complete bans on abortion. It was only when these complete bans failed that incremental legislation was considered. Given this fact, complete bans are still the goal….

Here are some examples of the Human Life Amendments attempted:

AB Ban Defeated


Hello HLA

Human LIfe Amendment Scored


Prolife Leader looks to Congress

THe Human LIfe Amendment

You might also be surprised that before some people, like Jesse Jackson, who later sold his soul to the abortion lobby, they supported a ban on abortion:

1974- Pro-lifers say that a resolution in favor of a human life amendment written by Jesse Jackson would be read at their meeting. (The Milwaukee Sentinel – Jul 24, 1974)

Protestants form antiab group

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Police Watch Idly as Business Owner Steals Pro-Life Signs from Public Sidewalk

By Heather Clark – Posted at Christian News Network:

SignsJACKSON, Miss. – Police in Mississippi watched idly this week as a business owner stole pro-life signs that were displayed on the public sidewalk during an awareness outreach, according to video footage from a Christian ministry.

The Ohio-based group Created Equal, which travels the country to educate citizens on the reality of abortion, visited Jackson, Mississippi this week and set up a display outside of the state’s last remaining abortion facility, Jackson Women’s Health Organization. The display was part of the group’s Justice Ride tour, which is being conducted nationwide this summer.

Created Equal set up signs both outside of the abortion facility and across the street, placing them on the public sidewalk and toward the view of traffic. However, soon after, Mike Peters, the owner of Fondren Corner, began confiscating the signs and moving them one by one to his basement. …

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First Amendment Victory for Pro-Life Group in SC

Posted at ADF Alliance Alert:

Fourth Circuit grants attorney fees in Lefemine v. Wideman case

On Behalf of the Preborn Babies: An Open Letter to Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina
Steve Lefemine, Director of Columbia Christians for Life

In 2005, pro-life advocates Steve Lefemine and Columbia Christians for Life fought for their right to engage in free speech regarding abortion. In 2010 the court declared the sheriff unconstitutionally silenced their speech and granted an injunction against the department but the court inexplicably refused to award the pro-life advocates attorneys’ fees available by federal statute for those who demonstrate the government infringed upon their civil rights. So the National Legal Foundation appealed the fee decision. In 2012, the United States Supreme Court reversed the lower courts and clarified that the pro-life advocates qualified as a “prevailing party,” and sent the case back for further proceedings.  Despite the Supreme Court’s declaration, the trial court again refused to award attorneys fees finding “special circumstances” justified the denial of fees.

Last Friday, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals rebuffed the trial court again explaining that the federal statute authorizing the fee award was intended to protect those like the pro-life advocates who are forced to engage attorneys to fight for their civil rights in court, and that no special circumstances exist that justify the trial court’s denial of fees.  The appellate court has now ordered the trial court to award the pro-life advocates the fees they are entitled to both as the victors of the initial law suit as well as those required to appeal the trial court’s obstinate rulings.  The matter is now back before the trial court to determine the amount of the award.

Alliance Defending Freedom provided funding in support of this important victory. …

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In China, pro-life movement gets toehold

By June Cheng/WORLD News Service – Posted at Baptist Press:

CHINA (BP) — When two pastors — one American, one Chinese — taught on the sanctity of life at a church in northern China, women and men of all ages stood up, sobbing and praying for forgiveness.
christians in china
Repentance flowed in such words as “Lord, forgive me for aborting my child; I didn’t know it was murder. Lord, forgive me for shedding innocent blood.”

For most in the room, it was the first time they had seen photos of fetal development, learned about what abortion entails and studied what the Bible says about the sanctity of life.

A middle-aged Chinese woman, eyes watering, asked a visitor, “Where do the [aborted babies] go?” She confided, “I’ve had it done before and was wondering if I’d ever see them again.”

The babies go to heaven, she was told. “Oh, that’s so good to hear,” she replied.

Abortion in China is “as common as drinking water,” as one woman put it. The official tally of 13 million babies aborted each year is by far the highest in the world.

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Lawsuit: After Abortion, Planned Parenthood Returns 13 Year-Old To Father Who Sexually Abused Her

By Barbara Boland – CNS News:

planned_parenthood_signA Colorado mother is suing Rocky Mountain Planned Parenthood for giving her 13 year old a secret abortion and sending her back with the man who was sexually abusing her, following the abortion procedure in 2012.

Cary Smith, the girl’s mother, has filed a lawsuit accusing Planned Parenthood of failing to report suspected child abuse to authorities even though the workers at the clinic were mandatory reporters, and allowing the 13 year old girl’s stepfather to continue abusing her in secret. The suit is for negligence, extreme and outrageous conduct, and negligent affliction of emotional distress.

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