Woman calls Planned Parenthood pill abortion “bloody and horrible” sends baby off with prayers

Angela Wittman:

Editor’s Note: This woman’s story should break the heart of every Christian who hears it. This woman has no Christian background, that I can tell, and as a consequence will have no healing from this horrific event unless she is reached with the good news of the Gospel. – AW

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It was horrible to feel the blood cramp because I knew that was it…..

Planned Parenthood describes the abortion in their pamphlet, “You will pass the pregnancy.”

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National Personhood Alliance Gains Momentum

NORCROSS, Ga., Sept. 12, 2014 /Standard Newswire/ — Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) announces that support for its newly-formed National Personhood Alliance (NPA) is growing.

“We get inquiries weekly,” said GRTL Co-Executive Director Genevieve Wilson. “It’s encouraging to see so many local and national pro-life leaders coming together for this common cause.”

NPA is a confederation of faith-based, pro-life organizations and leaders who believe that pursuing Personhood is essential to protecting all innocent human life—from our earliest biological beginning through natural death.

“Our goal is to help bring the movement back to its original mission—honoring the fact that everyone is created in the image of God and deserves protection, regardless of manner of conception or ability,” Wilson added.

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Texas abortion doctor says its great that 98% of babies he aborted were from Hispanic mothers

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White doctor, Lester Minto who performs abortions in Texas has admitted that he aborts primarily Hispanic babies.

For 35 years I had a clinic where I saw women and took care of their reproductive needs, but mostly terminating pregnancies,” Dr. Lester Minto says.

Lester Minto

Ninety-eight percent were Hispanics,” Minto told NPR radio, “I would go days where I wouldn’t speak English because they were all Spanish speakers — which is great.

Minto, who says her averaged more than 4000 each year, admits that he has had emergencies related to his abortions. Two of his patients have had to go to the hospital, he says.

Reproductive Services Harlingen

According to the most recent stats, 64 percent of babies aborted in Texas were Black or Hispanic.

24.9% of babies aborted in Texas were Black.

38.7% of babies aborted in Texas were Hispanic.

TEXAS 2010 Abortion Stats REAL 2010

The stats, published by the CDC , reports…

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Penn. Woman Jailed for Aborting Her Grandchild

Posted at Culture News:

Although it’s common, and legal, for abortionists like Planned Parenthood to satisfy requests of 13-year-old girls who want their unborn child killed, when a Pennsylvania 16-year-old asked her mother for assistance, it ended in a prison sentence. This week, 39-year-old Jennifer Ann Whalen received a 12 to 18 month sentence for purchasing abortifacient drugs for her daughter online from a legal source in Europe.

For background, read Abortionists Battle to Kill Without Clinics and also read American Kids Killed by Chemical Weapons: Abortifacients

Read the complete report here: http://culturecampaign.blogspot.com/2014/09/penn-woman-jailed-for-aborting-her.html

Abortion on Demand is the real Wendy Davis message

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WendyDavis-Fight This week, Texas Gubernatorial Democratic candidate revealed that she had two abortions prior to her decision to run for office, for what she calls “medical reasons.”

One was an ectopic pregnancy and the other was because the “fetus” allegedly had brain damage, Davis writes, “I could feel her little body tremble violently, as if someone were applying an electric shock to her, and I knew then what I needed to do,” Davis writes. “She was suffering.”

Davis wants the people of Texas to think that it is loving to kill her own child in the womb in her attempt to “say goodbye” and avoid the responsibility of a disabled child.

Doctors told her the baby would be deaf, blind and in a permanent vegetative state if she survived delivery, she writes in her newly released book, Forgetting to be Afraid.

Wendy Davis’ claim to fame was…

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More proof: Abortion industry covering up for pedophiles

By Charlie Butts – Posted at One News Now:

Life Dynamics and other pro-life organizations have exposed abortion mills for covering up crimes of pedophiles while performing abortions on underage girls. A new study adds fresh revelations to that scandal.

Life Dynamics has posted a report on Child Predators.com, and founder Mark Crutcher explains what that report has found.

Crutcher, Mark (Life Dynamics)“[We] reviewed criminal cases in which men have been convicted of sexual relationships with minor girls,” he says. “During those trials it was revealed that child victims had been taken to an abortion clinic or a Planned Parenthood facility but no report was made, despite mandatory reporting laws. This allowed the abuse of the child to continue afterward.”

Read more here: http://www.onenewsnow.com/pro-life/2014/09/05/more-proof-abortion-industry-covering-up-for-pedophiles#.VAnEUBY72I8

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The Abortion Answer is: GREED & OPPORTUNITY

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Then the question is, what kind of baby killing hag is so opportunistic and GREEDY that they open a baby killing ‘center’ just across the state line AND very near the US/Mexico border?

ANSWER: Whole Woman’s Health. Why? Because of their sub-standard ‘care’, as well as other so-called ‘providers’, the new Texas law put them out of business….and abortion IS a business.

KEEPLIFELEGAL“Whole Woman’s Health, which once ran five Texas abortion facilities but recently closed three because of new regulations, announced Wednesday it will open a facility this month in Las Cruces, 45 miles northwest of El Paso.” Read the rest here.

There’s nothing like capitalizing on the ‘poor women’ they claim to help and do nothing but sell abortion. The abortion caste system is racist, at the very least. How do they get away with targeting minorities, illegals and the poor? For that answer, you’d…

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Woman sedated during abortion claims she heard baby cry

Angela Wittman:

So sad! You can see the angst and heartbreak on this mother’s face. This is the real face of a post abortive mother. I pray women and girls will not buy into the lie that abortion is an easy way out of a difficult problem. It isn’t – it will only make things worse for you.

Originally posted on Saynsumthn's Blog:

This emotional video claims that a woman who went for a two day abortion procedure knew her unborn child was a girl.

According to the video, uploaded by Julia Gallardo, “her friend” was sedated during the abortion but claims that she heard her baby cry.

She then insists that the baby was never murdered by the abortion and is alive and well – and warns other women that any woman having a two-day abortion procedure may not be killing her child but the child may very well be alive.

Julia Gallardo

There is no proof that the woman’s claims are true. Given her emotional state in the video- it almost looks as though she is speaking of herself in the third person.

What is clear is that she is emotionally affected by abortion….watch and judge for yourself.

There are no other updates available that I can locate.

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Remember: Add 9 Months

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I’ve heard the comments so many times. “Praise the Lord! As of 5:37 p.m. last night, I’m a grandmother!” “Today we’re celebrating Tom’s first birthday since he became a grandpa.” “It’s so wonderful that we finally have a daughter.”

These are all wonderful, life-affirming comments. Except that almost every time I hear something like this, the statement is factually untrue. Almost all of the people that I hear say this love life, and would never think that an unborn child isn’t a real living person. But in almost every case they speak about the unborn child as if he’s not.

Are the statements above sinful? Hardly. Yet they speak of life in a way that is fuzzy and vague compared to the way our Lord speaks of life, and puzzlingly off from what we Christians believe about life. And, frankly, not even in line as to what the facts of biology confess about life.


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Letter sent to pro-life group from pro-choice person reveals eugenics is alive and well in America

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Pro-lifers in Texas have received a very disturbing letter promoting pure unadulterated eugenics.

According to Jim Graham Executive Director of Texas Right to Life, when Texas Right to Life participated in a pro-Life townhall in Beaumont, Texas, voters went to their cars to go home and found the disturbing message on their vehicles.

Screenshot 1

The letter said that they needed to “wake up” because unwanted babies “cost us billions of dollars every year!”


The letter begins with the all to well-known Planned Parenthood (paraphrased) slogan, it reads, “Babies deserve to be wanted and loved.” It implies that an unwanted child is automatically going to become a criminal. What nonsense.

What most people and the writer of this letter may no know is that the the origin of Planned Parenthood’s oft repeated slogan “Every child a wanted child” may have come from the eugenics movement, specifically Fredrick Henry…

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